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Made New

Addictions Support Group

Made New Addictions Support Group Ministry

Leader: Mike McCormick

Mike McCormick Addiction Support Group Leader

I found absolute freedom from bondage! It is my honor to help others find freedom as well.

I started using drugs when I was 17, and I hid it from everyone for a long time. I met and married my wife, and we had a son. She never knew the truth about my addiction. One day, all my secrets and lies were exposed. I thought my marriage was over, that I would lose my son, and that I had nothing left in this world. But God, like the father in the Prodigal Son parable, came running to meet me at my lowest point.

I spent 18 months at a sober living/recovery house and started following God. I had been saved at a young age, but never had the kind of relationship with Jesus that I needed and now possess. For 13 years I was a drug addict and now I live in recovery and freedom thanks to Jesus and His redeeming blood.

I had lots of help during recovery, and I want to be that help for others. Jesus is the way to freedom. Following Him wholeheartedly worked for me, and what He did for me, He can do for you.

Join us on Friday nights at 7 pm at Teays Valley Church of God for our group meetings. Like and follow our “Made New Ministries” Facebook page to stay up on the latest happenings.

Freedom is in your future.
– Mike