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Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Be encouraged! God is at work! He is speaking to His people and you are responding! Great reports have come in from Sunday’s service about the way God has spoken to our Body!

Let me remind you of some facets of God’s call from the Word:

When God called to Adam in Genesis 3, He asked “Where are you?” That question was an opportunity for EVALUATION.

God’s call to Abraham in Genesis 12 was an invitation for RELOCATION. Whether it’s a physical move or simply a move outside of your comfort zone, the call of God usually asks us to make some changes.

In Exodus 3, God’s call to Moses asked for Moses COOPERATION in being part of the solution to bring God’s people deliverance.

In I Samuel 3, we read about Samuel’s call and learn that the call of God comes with CONFIRMATION. If you are unsure about what God may be calling you to, ask Him to confirm His Word to you.

Isaiah’s vision in chapter 6 of Isaiah shows us the call of God comes with REVELATION. God always reveals something about His character or His purposes when He speaks. The instructions come with a personal revelation that brings us closer to God.

Finally, the call comes with an opportunity for TRANSFORMATION. We read in Matthew 4 that when the disciples were called they were told they would become “fishers of men.”

God beckons us to hear Him and follow His voice. Take some time to:

EVALUATE where you are.

Be willing to RELOCATE to where God is calling.

COOPERATE with God’s plan. Let Him be in charge.

Ask for CONFIRMATION when you are unsure about God’s leading.

Seek to know more about God as He REVEALS Himself to you.

Be open to TRANSFORMATION. You cannot say “Yes” to God and stay the same.

Join is Wednesday night at 6:45 for a time of worship and the Word!

You are loved.

Pastor Melissa

Hebrews 11:22: 22 By faith Joseph, when his end was near, spoke about the exodus of the Israelites from Egypt and
Hebrews 11:21- 21 By faith Jacob, when he was dying, blessed each of Joseph’s sons, and worshiped as he leaned on the
Jesus’ life shows us the ways the Holy Spirit impacted Him and the people around Him.  I John 2:6 says,