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The Weekly Gospel Message 2 8 2016

On Sunday, using the Woman at the Well from John 4, we talked about three
things we might say when trying to share the Gospel with someone.

1. He accepted me as I was.
This woman that Jesus went out of His way to talk with had been involved in a scandalous, sinful lifestyle. A lot of people are hindered by their sin when it comes to exploring a life with Jesus. I think people think they have to be perfect or “have their act together” before they can connect with God. There is a sense that we aren’t “good enough” for God. We aren’t “good enough” for God, but hallelujah, He is “God enough” for us! Jesus is the God full of grace AND truth. His grace allows Him to meet us where we are, and His truth enables us to move from where we are to where He is. Jesus accepts us where we are in order to help us face that which is destroying our lives because He wants us to live.

2. He taught me things I didn’t know.
The Woman at the Well thought she knew some spiritual stuff, but she didn’t have things quite straight. (Look at John 4:19-26) She recognized Jesus as a prophet in verse 19. Many people today give Jesus prophet status. They can’t deny that history records He did live and had a profound impact on the spiritual climate of His day. And because they know He lived a good life, they believe they “know” who He is and what He is about.

While the Woman at the Well had some spiritual knowledge, it wasn’t complete. It had been some truth mixed in with error. He said in verse 22, “You are worshipping what you don’t even know.” A relationship with Jesus is a learning relationship. Just like He took time to teach the Woman at the Well, He will teach anyone who seeks the truth.

3. He offered me more than I could have imagined.
Read John 4:7-15 where Jesus moved the topic of conversation from physical water to spiritual water. For everyone, verse 13, who would drink of “this” water, the water He was referring to, would NEVER thirst again (verse 14) and that it had a spiritual property and power that would lead to contentment AND eternal life. That is the Good News part of the Gospel that people need to hear. It isn’t “too good to be true!” What Jesus offers is the real deal. You can live with peace and contentment in this life, and with great joy, I might add, and you can also live forever in the paradise called Heaven.

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