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Dear Church,

On Sunday, using the life of Job we were reminded that our spiritual life as believers in Christ should inform and impact every other area of our lives.  Our faith should saturate every area of our lives.

We learned in Job chapter 1 that Job was an upright, God-fearing man.  God was well-pleased with him.  Job’s life was saturated by his faith.  His FINANCES, his FAMILY, his FLESH, and his FRIENDSHIPS were all under God’s control and were dedicated to God’s glory.  That’s why even though he suffered attack in all four areas he NEVER lost his faith.

Several times when Satan attacked Job, Scripture says “he did not sin” even though he was suffering and grieving.  Instead, he worshiped and praised God and trusted in God’s sovereignty.  How you handle what happens to you can lead you into sin or into greater faith, and God wants our faith to stain every facet of our lives.

The Christian life is an all or nothing kind of deal.  We can’t be a Christian in our finances but not in our flesh.  We can’t be a Christian in our friendships but not in our families.  And why would we want to?  God has sustaining, keeping, healing and blessing power.  Why remove Him from any part of the equation?  Are you living the saturated life?

Pastor Melissa

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