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Palm Sunday was a GREAT DAY! When I read this Matthew 21 passage and look at the way Jesus was celebrated and all the wonderful little episodes that were part of the day, I have to conclude that Palm Sunday was a great day for Jesus and for those gathered there.

It was a GREAT DAY because it was A Day of Discipleship (Vs 1-3 and 6-7). What a great day that was for Jesus as He observed two of His followers moving out at His command, not questioning why He was asking them to do what He asked.

It was a GREAT DAY because it was A Day of Fulfillment (Vs 4-5) As Jesus was riding into Jerusalem He was proclaiming that He was the fulfillment of the One who had been prophesied over 500 years earlier where in Zechariah 9:9 it said the Messiah King would ride into Jerusalem on a donkey. What a great day Palm Sunday was for those gathered there and for us as well because it serves as a reminder that God can be trusted. He is a promise maker and a promise keeper. It was a GREAT DAY because it was A Day of Acknowledgement (vs 8-11). Even though the people didn’t understand the significance of their words and demonstration they were on some level aware that Jesus could provide them with some kind of salvation. Their shout of “Hosanna” which means “God save us” or “Save now” was pointing to what Jesus came to do.

It was a GREAT DAY because it was A Day of Cleansing-(vs 12-13) Jesus drove the money scammers out of the temple. That would have been a great day for those who were being taken advantage of. It is always a great day when that which is wrong is exposed so that it can be made right.

It was a GREAT DAY because it was A Day of Healing-(vs 14) The blind and the lame were healed! The blind and the lame were usually excluded from the temple area. By healing them, He was not only giving them a gift in their physical body, but He was making a way for them to be included in the corporate worship of God. When healing occurs and it enables someone to draw closer to God, that is a great day!

It was a GREAT DAY because it was A Day of Praise (vs 15-16)

Let’s be disciples and make it a GREAT DAY! Let’s allow God’s Word to be fulfilled in our lives and make it a GREAT DAY! Let’s acknowledge Him for Who He is and allow Him to do His cleansing work in our lives and in so doing, make it a great day! Let’s let Him heal us and praise Him for everything He has done for us, especially for providing salvation for us! Join with me this week as we march toward Easter and make every day a GREAT DAY!

Join me this Easter in inviting others to come experience the glory of the Resurrection!

Pastor Melissa

Teays Valley Church of God
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