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Isaiah 9:2 The people walking in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of deep darkness a light has dawned. 

Deep darkness.  Spiritual darkness.  An unwillingness to embrace the light that Jesus brings.  Do we see it our world today? If anything should have brought about an incredible harvest of souls by now, a hunger and thirst to connect with the Creator, a willingness to reach for something beyond self, you would think this Pandemic would have had that impact. You would think this would be the time people would have turned to Jesus in droves. But, sadly, I’m not seeing that kind of response.  Sometimes I ask myself, “What is it going to take?”  What will it take for revival to break out?  What will it take for churches across our nation to be packed again?  What will it take for altars to be filled with people who can’t help but fall on their knees and worship the One true King? I am afraid we are living in a time of deep darkness not unlike the time of Isaiah.

The light of Jesus threatened the status quo, but people had gotten comfortable with the dark.

Do you think that is the danger of the dark?  Do we get used to it?  Does the cover of darkness provide many with a false sense of security?  As long as there is no light to challenge what you are doing, what you are experiencing, then, you think you can just persist in darkness. Do you come to believe that it doesn’t matter if you do?

Maybe those who were in spiritual darkness preferred an oppressive religious system to an actual relationship with God.  Maybe they were satisfied with just checking off some boxes and jumping through some hoops.  Maybe they were good with simply having an outward compliance to some manmade standard because to be in a right relationship with God would involve their heart, would involve their pride, would involve their attitudes needing to be adjusted, and well, they would rather that part of their life stay “in the dark” than be exposed to the convicting light that God would shed on the real situation.  Listen, God wants more than religious participation from us.  He wants the transformation of our hearts, our wills, our lives.

Often, anything that threatens to expose that we have underlying issues like pride or a racist attitude or a heart of anger or a jealous or judgmental spirit, well, many would just as soon hang out under the canopy of darkness.  Many would rather try to fly under the radar through church attendance and by tipping of God once in a while.

In addition to darkness just being what many have become used to, darkness is the goal of our enemy.  Satan has been at work since before Jesus came into the world, to try to snuff out His light.  No doubt he thought he succeeded with the crucifixion of Jesus on the cross, but the Resurrection is proof that the Light of God cannot and will never be extinguished.

Even though we see many walking and living in darkness, those who are faithfully pursuing Christ see Him and the light He brings.  Satan wants to try to cover up the light by creating chaos and confusion. Do you know who his main targets are?  Satan’s main targets aren’t people who are already walking in darkness. He already has them. His main targets are believers who are carriers of the light! He wants to harass and distract believers so that their lights don’t burn as brightly and point those in darkness to the true light.

Believer, you can either add to the darkness or you can add to the light.  If you are a Jesus-man or a Jesus-woman, you have got to have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.  Ephesians 5:11

Jesus called Himself the “Light of the World” in John 8:12. He said that those who follow Him will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.  Can we not point people to Him?  He not only called Himself the Light of the world, but guess what?  He has called His followers the Light of the World. Matthew 5:14. You are the light of Christ in the world.  I am Christ in the world. How brightly are we shining?  Who knows Jesus today because of us?  Who is less afraid because of us?  Who has more peace because of us?  Who knows their life has value and purpose because of us?  Who is living more confidently because of us?  Who knows how to pray because of us? Who is convinced that God is for them because of us?  Who believes the truth of the Word because of us?  Who has had the power of God break strongholds off of their lives because of us?  Who knows they can do all things through Christ who gives them strength because of us?

Reflect the light of Jesus in the dark today!

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