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Worship Dance

Worship Dance

“Let them praise His name with dancing . . . “  Psalm 149:3

Central to our relationship and closeness with God is our understanding and practice of worship.  God’s Word instructs us to serve Him with our whole being.

This is not only done through Bible reading, prayer, songs, and offerings, but also through body language.  Worship dance is one way we can visually show Jesus how much we love Him.

Worship dance is the practice of our team, “Praise in Motion.”  The group exists not to draw attention to any member, but to Christ alone.  The team rehearses as needed to prepare for upcoming worship dance offerings.

Members must profess a personal relationship with Christ, seek to live out that profession through a holy life according to God’s Word, and be available for scheduled rehearsals.  No prior dance experience is required.  Proper and modest attire is required at all rehearsals and for all services where worship dance offerings will take place.

If you have an interest in serving in this area of ministry, contact Mandy Bohm.